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What is Marketing

If you want to sell anything, either its services, products or even an idea, you need to market it. It is like a shop open in a far village and you cannot have the sale till you have customers and you cannot have the customer till you let them know what you have and where that is. At Saawconcepts we know the importance of Marketing and the money our clients want to spend. We offer complete brand awareness and generate leads for our clients.
In complete brand awareness we offer

1: Design and development of the website
2: SEO

3: PPC

4: SMM

5: Guest blogging


Besides this we offer these services separately as well. As we aim to satisfy our clients.

Website design and Development

Web Making

  • Based on your ideas our designing team design three mock ups and one your deletion our front end team starts it working.
  • After coding our development team make 100% responsive and seo friendly website.
  • Once design is approved we make it live on our server and gives its access to client so that he can monitor the progress daily ad if he wants any tweak he can ask us there.
  • we make websites from simple portfolio to complex order management sites.
  • We have developers
  1. WordPress
  2. Magento
  3. PHP
  5. .Net


Search Engine Optimization

  • At Saawconcepts, we believe that each website poses unique challenges and therefore requires a customized SEO strategy to get best results. The varying dynamics of your industry segment, competition, business focus, product offerings, pricing, brand positioning, USP, target audience, geographical location / service reach, depth of your site content and your promotional budgets make it impossible to devise a ‘one size fits all’ SEO solution.Keeping your industry in mind, our experts will devise a flexible SEO program that can be customized to suit individual needs. Sometimes, our clients wish to start at a basic SEO level and prefer to increase the intensity as they begin to reap the benefits of enhanced ranking, traffic and revenues. Other times, they choose to go full steam right from the start not only to get bigger results early but also to corner a larger market share and lead the competition. We shall help you define your SEO roadmap and strategy based on your budgets and campaign objectives.Our SEO services are structured into several processes and techniques. Each process is designed by our experts after extensive research on search engine behavior and experience in the SEO industry. The option to add-on modular services mentioned below will help you customize the SEO roadmap based on your campaign objectives. Our Basic SEO program covers the following processes and techniques:Initial site analysis including page authority rank, link-popularity & search engine saturation analysis and discussion with client about the website, content analysis, target audience, products, challenges, etc.
    Search Engine Friendliness Analysis with special focus on crawler friendliness, site design, navigation, HTML code and file name analysis.
    Keyword Research and Competition Analysis.
    SEO copy optimization for existing content of the site including Title Tag, Headlines, sub-headlines, body copy and Anchor text with up to 100 unique keyword phrases (including plurals and variations) for up to 15 web pages.
    Site Code Optimization (up to 15 pages) of the site including Meta Tags, Alt Text, Title Attributes, robots.txt file and JavaScript with up to 100 unique keyword phrases (including plurals and variations) for up to 15 web pages.
    Pre-optimization and post-optimization hand-submissions of the Home Page and Site Map to major free search engines and directories.
    Pre-optimization and post-optimization site ranking monthly reports.
    Backlinks strategy for your website:
    Needs some backlinks from authority backlinks
    Your major competitors will be researched for getting backlinks opportunities
    A lot of editorial links needed
    Niche directory links
    PBN (private blog network) links
    Links from special activities like guest blogging, inforgraphics, niche high authority sites and any other ways particularly suitable for your business.
    We did an initial research using the list of keywords you provide. We shall choose up to 15 short and long tail keywords to target.We will use the target area with the keywords which most likely people would prefer to include the searches at Google. We shall use target area names with the keywords once work started.
    Some of these keywords (also called short-tail keywords in SEO) have tough competition. These are 2-3 word keywords like car hire service or taxi service etc. Some keywords have comparatively less completion like Taxi Service in Stoke-on-Trent. High competition keywords usually need a lot of time because we have to beat big boys in the market targeting those keywords.
    Saawconcepts proposed the following strategy for keyword targeting:
    Start targeting high competition keywords right from the start of the campaign.
    Parallel, find out the keywords which are rather long-tail but have high KEI (keyword Effectiveness Index) which means the keywords which have potential to rank higher in quick time and may also start bringing traffic to the site. Example: seine nets in [city or country name]
    Do SEO in such a way that in due course, we get all combinations of keywords in high rankings including high competition keywords.


Pay Per Click

  • I am specialize in salvaging campaigns that have been losing money and performing below par as well as optimizing campaigns that were in pretty good shape when they came to me. Please find attached a case study of a campaign (Book2Park.Com) that was in quite good shape when he client came to me and yet I managed to take it further in terms of higher conversions, CTR and reduced Cost per click/per conversion.Here is a bit of information about how I shall approach your PPC campaign.Detailed Analysis:
    I shall spend some time on your business and the social media accounts to become fully aware of your business model and services offered. Based on that knowledge, I shall conduct a comprehensive keyword analysis to come up with keywords that present the best combination of sizable search volume and a reasonable competition while keeping in mind the Cost per Click.Campaign Setup: (Where Needed)
    After we have finalized the keywords, I shall redo the setup of your campaign, if needed. I shall follow the model of One Adgroup for One Keyword with three match types as I believe the right kind of set up is crucial for achieving a good CTR. If I feel that your current setup can bring results after optimization, I can continue with that as well.Ongoing Maintenance:
    I shall critically review to identify areas for improvement and take action accordingly. In addition, your campaign shall be monitored on daily basis to ascertain trends and traffic; adjust first page bids, analyze CTR and conversion data.Reporting:
    In addition to periodic updates via e-mail, detailed performance reports shall be sent to you outlining the keyword and campaign performance, traffic trends and analysis and summary of tasks performed in the month along with the action plan for upcoming month.

PPC Strategy:
My PPC methodology is driven by the paradigm of targeted traffic. I believe in generating targeted traffic rather than driving huge amount of traffic to clients’ sites with a lot of bounce rate at their expense.


Social Media Marketing

In today’s world we know the importance of not only having social appearances but a well set identity as well. We know people spend more time on Facebook and LinkedIn and Insta than any other platforms. Saawconcepts has a talented team who not only set the social profiles but run successful campaigns as well. In our plan we not only create profiles but run paid campaigns as well to meet the requirements. We have developed our own Facebook application to engage customers and get more traffic.

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